Tips To Prevent Your Dog From Escaping The Yard

Preventative methods before placing the dog in the yard:

EXERCISE -Keep your dog on a daily routine of exercise, whether this is a brisk walk or a trip to the park. If they are well exercised outside of the yard, they will be more likely to relax inside.

TOYS -Keep a good selection of toys for your dog in the yard. Do not put out all the toys at once; instead, rotate a few of them to keep them interested. If a dog is having fun in the yard there is no reason for him to try and escape!

NEUTERED/SPAYING -If your dog has become sexually mature, having it neutered/spayed will decrease its motivation escape to seek out a mate.

Securing the yard: There are two main ways a dog can escape the yard. Jumping/climbing over the fence/enclosure or digging under it.  Good inescapable dog crates can help to keep your pet contained and safe.

JUMPING/CLIMBING -Making your fences higher can certainly help in preventing the dog from jumping over it, however, a more effective solution is to angle your fence inwards. Many dogs will try to climb over a fence/enclosure if it is too high. Angling the fence inwards will make it very difficult for them to climb.

DIGGING – Use large bricks or rocks at the edges of your fence to prevent the dog from starting to dig its way under the fence. Also using chicken wire or chain link fencing at the bottom will deter any escape attempts.

Ways to train a dog if it escapes preventing a re-occurrence: Correct your dog at the time of escaping and not after.- If you see your dog trying to escape make a loud noise or a distraction for the dog that they may not like. This way they begin to associate the escape attempt with an unpleasant feeling.

Note: If the dog is trying to escape due to fear, anxiety or severe discomfort, do not punish the dog. This could make the problem worse.