How many times can I play?

Once every 12 hours, plus 3 more pitches every 12 hours if you share on Facebook.
What type of browser should I use?
We recommend Google Chrome for the best experience. We have done our best to enable the experience in Firefox and
Safari, but you may experience small issues.

What type of phone do I need?

To play this game you need an Apple or Android smartphone that has an accelerometer supported by the phone’s native
browser. We recommend iPhone, Samsung, or Nexus phones. We also recommend that you connect your phone to Wi-Fi.

What type of computer do I need?

The priceless bat uses the latest web technologies. We recommend a fast computer purchased within the past 3 years.

What type of Internet connection do I need?

The Priceless Bat uses real-time web communication to sense your swing. A broadband connection with low latency is

When does the competition end?

April 14th, 2014 at 12:00 p.m. EST

Who is eligible to play the game?

To be eligible entrants must play the Priceless Bat online game in the timeframe of March 3rd, 2014 at 12:00 p.m EST
to April 14th, 2014 at 12:00 p.m. EST. This contest is open to all residents Canada. This contest excludes employees of LOUISVILLE SLUGGER Corporation, their affiliated companies or subsidiaries, their advertising and promotional agencies and members of their respective immediate families, and any person domiciled with any of the above.

How do I claim my prize?

On April 16th at approximately 10:00 am EST, (35) entrants will be selected. The selected entrants will be chosen based on the highest scores of the game and player ranking.
In the event of a tie a random draw will be conducted amongst the tied entrants.
The selected entrants will be notified by email within approx. one (1) day of the selection process. The selected entrant will have ten (10) business days from the date of notification to contact the contest administrator. If a selected entrant does not contact the contest administration by the end of ten (10) business days, or if the selected entrant does not meet all of the contest rules, another Entry will be selected. To win, the selected entrant must correctly answer, unaided, a time-limited mathematical skill-testing question to be administered by telephone at a pre-arranged mutually convenient time. The winning entrant of the prize must sign a standard Release form confirming compliance with the Contest Rules and releasing LOUISVILLE SLUGGER/ Lanctot Ltee and its directors, officers, partnership interest holders, representatives, advertising and promotional agencies from any and all liability arising out of, pursuant to, or as a result of the carrying out of the contest including liability arising from the acceptance of and usage of the prizes as awarded. Failure to comply with the Contest Rules or to sign and return the Release form within 2 days of receipt will result in disqualification and another
entry will be selected.